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Corporate valuation
services in Singapore.

Acclime assists clients accross all sectors with valuation issues related to tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, mergers & acquisition transactions, corporate restructuring and dispute resolution.

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At Acclime we understand the need for reliability with regard to the value of corporate assets, but also with the accounting method itself. We strive to offer a thorough, detailed and trusted valuation of your company.

Unravelled complexity

Making corporate valuations can prove to be an incredibly complex process. Our experienced staff have a thorough understanding of what key factors drive value within a wide range of industries and scales.

Flexible support

Whatever your situation, we will provide you with the utmost support to accomplish your established goals. We strive to make our accurate valuations as pertinent to you as possible, and will listen carefully to your needs.
Corporate valuations

Our corporate valuation services.

  • Special purpose valuation

    Valuing Special-Purpose property, whether it is for public or private purposes, is vital to analysing reasonable rateable values and the costing of tax. Special purpose valuation may look at the company’s management, the composition of its capital structure, future cash inflows and market value of assets.

    Valuation on property requires a lot of research into the entity and should be done in a strategic process. These key methods should be considered when valuing special purpose property:

    • Planning and preparation (Why does the asset need a valuation?)
    • Adjusting the financial statements (Is there a balance?)
    • Is there an estimate of the value?
    • Is there a growing concern in the business? (Will the entity continue for the next 12 months?)

    Throughout our history of practice across Asia, Acclime has gained extensive experience in valuing Special-Purpose property for both the public and private sector. We can also assist in the adaptive reuse of Special-Purpose property following the cessation of specific design activity and in managing disposal and acquisitions of Special-Purpose property.

  • Damage assessment valuation

    Damage Assessment Valuation is estimating the amount of damage or loss caused by an accident or a natural disaster. This process can include an estimate of the extent of damage as well as what can be replaced, restored or possibly saved. This estimate may also include the time required for the service required (i.e. repair, replacement or recovery).

    Our teams combine various and relevant areas of expertise. Our teams have experience providing damage valuation services for a wide variety of complex issues. They understand that not every case is the same and that there are many factors that change the amount of damage done, or the value of the property lost and that these vary greatly case to case. This experience and individual attention to each case is why we are able to offer the highest quality of damage valuation service here at Acclime.

  • Intellectual property valuations

    Intellectual property (IP) is made valuable by a number of different factors, ranging from market share and entry barriers to growth projections and economic life. Acclime’s team has a deep understanding of those various parameters in order to provide you with the highest quality work.

    Acclime’s experience in IP valuations includes the following:

    • Evaluating potential mergers and acquisitions
    • Identifying and prioritizing assets
    • Having all the necessary information to make informed financial decisions about IP maintenance, commercialization and sales
    • Valuing the prospects of technology before putting money into research and development
    • Prioritising research projects based on value
  • Asset valuation

    Acclime offers appraisal services for asset valuation, both for setting up new fixed asset records for allocation of purchase price and for determining the value of assets for an insurance valuation.

    A correct and thorough valuation of fixed assets can be a time consuming process. Disagreements over the value of fixed asset contributions have regularly been a major problem cited by companies when setting up joint ventures. Taking control of the process and appointing of suitable valuators can be critical in facilitating a satisfactory outcome.

    Whatever your situation, Acclime will provide you with the utmost support to accomplish your established goals. Our accurate valuations arise through having economic knowledge and being able to properly investigate business and industry. Our highly professional staff will work to assign the correct value to the asset to ensure sound financial records and efficient business planning.

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