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Outsourced virtual CFO
in Singapore.

Our experienced financial consultants have the expertise, local knowledge, and objectivity to guide your company through financial management at a fraction of the cost of an internal hire.

Virtual CFO in China

Get a CFO today with local expertise
and extensive experience.

Guidance at every step

Our financial consultants have successfully fulfilled the role of CFO over many years for clients ranging from start-ups to larger established companies.

Planning & reporting

We provide a network of professionals to proactively design, build, and run all the data and reporting tools you need for planning and analysis.


Our virtual CFO packages are flexible and are based on your budget and needs, providing an expert solution for growing performance at a cost you can afford.

Company CFO services

Delivering as your company CFO.

Whatever your needs for financial guidance and assistance, you will find Acclime’s solutions flexible and efficient.

  • Financial planning & analysis

    Our virtual CFOs work alongside colleagues who are CPAs, accountants, lawyers, tax professionals, HR specialists and commercial strategists giving them a fully supportive network to build and run your company’s financial planning and analysis. Your virtual CFO will create data collection mechanisms, provide business data modeling and design the management reporting system, all tailored to your needs. Through monthly financials and analysis of results, targets, and KPI performance, your virtual CFO will work on innovative and practical solutions to enhance performance and profit.

  • Budgeting

    As our virtual CFOs are entirely objective and have considerable local knowledge, they can help plan and allocate resources across the organisation wholly in line with the financial goals and objectives. Accurate and timely reporting through effective communication tools will allow you to see and react to any changes.

  • Cash flow forecasting, planning and monitoring

    Your virtual CFO will closely supervise and monitor the accounting administration, and will assume full responsibility for both forecasting and managing the cash flow.

  • Interim CFO

    We provide virtual CFOs on long-term and short-term contracts. There may be a need in your organisation for an interim CFO during a transition, for example, and we are open to taking on the financial leadership of your company during these different phases of business. Our virtual CFOs are often also employed to cover special projects or new business phases.

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Faith Garcia, Client Relations & Business Development