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Register your company
in Singapore.

We help established international companies and funded startups seamlessly register their business in Singapore. Your Singaporean company can be set up within a week and if you wish to relocate your team to the country, we can help you move in in less than three months.

Company registration in Singapore

400+ foreign businesses in Singapore trust Acclime.

Start your dream business in Singapore with confidence.

Expert guidance

Let us support you throughout the entire company registration process with ease. With our years of experience, we will be by your side to give advice and answer any questions you have.

Fast processing

Get your business and up and running in less than a week with our time-saving processing.

Transparent pricing

Request a quote and get a clear picture of your costs before you start with our upfront and affordable pricing. No hidden fees around the corner.

Company formation options

Select the best structure for your business.

We can reliably help you with the process of registering a new company in Singapore, whether you are expanding from overseas or are a local resident. There are several structures you can choose. The most popular are:

Representative office.

Ideal for foreign companies seeking to study the market in Singapore for research and business development purposes.

  • Non-trading entity
  • 1 corporate shareholder, a chief representative staff member from the head office
  • Sales turnover ≥ 250k USD
  • Restricted in activities
  • No local compliance

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Private limited company.

Ideal for most local and foreign entities as it offers limited liability, fast to set up and supports an Employment Pass.

  • Trading entity
  • 1+ resident director, 1+ shareholder, a company secretary
  • A capital of at least SG$1
  • Unrestricted in activities
  • Subject to local compliance

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Limited liability partnership.

Ideal for professionals, such as lawyers or achitects, and private equity funds with a limited number of investors.

  • Trading entity
  • 1+ manager, 2+ partners (can be individuals or corporations)
  • No capital requirements
  • Unrestricted in activities
  • Subject to local compliance

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Unsure about which structure is right for you?

Get a clear picture of starting your company in Singapore by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us. We can advise you on anything from the optimal business structure, capital investment, full foreign ownership options to shareholder requirements and more.

Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreigner.

Singapore does not place any restrictions on foreigners owning a company, however there is a local resident director requirement. If you reside in Singapore, you can be the sole director and shareholder of your Singapore company, otherwise you will need to nominate a resident director. Moreover, foreign entities can efficiently operate their Singapore offshore limited company from overseas.

Company registration steps

Simple steps to setting up your new business.

1. Select your structure and additional company services

Select a suitable business structure (either by yourself or with our help) and any other services that yo need, such as bookkeeping, tax compliance or a company secretary. Next, we will send you an electronic questionnaire to collect essential information about your future business, such as shareholder, director details, proposed business activity, etc. and will request for copies of some documents.

Besides the three popular structures, we can also help you register Limited partnership, Sole proprietorship, Branch office, Public company limited by guarantee and Offshore company.

2. We reserve the company name

We will ask you to provide us with three options for your new company name just in case one of them was not available.

3. We prepare & file the paperwork with ACRA

We will prepare the documents of incorporation including the constitution of the company. Once signed electronically by you, we will complete the company registration with ACRA.

4. ACRA confirms your new business

After the registration with ACRA has been completed, we will obtain a certificate of incorporation, common seal and rubber stamp, set up statutory registers and prepare resolutions for the first Board of Directors’ meeting.

Processing time: 1 week or less

5. Opening a corporate bank account

Your newly registered business will now need to open a bank account. We work closely with several local and international banks and can arrange meetings and prepare all documentation for you. Alternatively, we can just provide you with the resolution to open the bank account​ by yourself.

Processing time: 2-3 weeks

6. Securing an Employment Pass

If you plan to run your business from Singapore, we can help you apply for an employment pass – allows foreign professionals, managers and executives to work in Singapore.

Processing time: 4-6 weeks
Complete business setup services

Everything you need to start and manage your company in Singapore.

We provide a full suite of flexible company formation & compliance services, including company registration, document filing with the appropriate authorities, registered office facilities and post-registration compliance. We also provide resident directors and shareholder if needed. They will be backed by legal documents to guarantee that you have ownership and control over your company.

Essential company formation services.

  • Company registration

    We will prepare all the necessary documents and register your business structure with the ACRA.

  • Company secretary*

    We will handle all your outstanding company matters, including maintaining statutory books and records, recurring files or secretarial advice.

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  • Registered office*

    A company must have a registered office in Singapore from the day of incorporation. We also provide a mailing address with mail forwarding services.

  • Director services*

    Private limited companies in Singapore are required to have at least one local resident director. We can act as your resident director if you cannot meet this requirement.

  • Local agent

    We can act as local agents for foreign companies that are looking forward to setting up a branch office in Singapore.

*Government requirements

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Additional compliance services.

We also provide one-off and ongoing services to keep your business compliant with all the government requirements.

  • Employment & other passes

    Acclime helps business owners and their staff secure and renew work and other types of passes and visas.

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  • Accounting services

    Meet the local accounting requirements with the help of our monthly, quarterly, annual or ad-hoc accounting services.

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  • Tax services

    Reduce your tax burden and keep track of your tax filings.

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  • HR & payroll services

    We provide payroll outsourcing services for your Singapore business.

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Overview of requirements for starting a company.

At least 1 shareholder

A resident director

A company secretary

Address in Singapore

At least $1 in capital


Common questions & answers.

What is the incorporation procedure, and how long does it take?

Firstly, you choose the name of the proposed company and search the availability of that name with ACRA. Assuming the name is available, it is then reserved for 60 days online through ACRA. After the name has been approved, you will have to inform your company secretary to incorporate the company online. Details of the director(s), issued/paid-up share capital, shareholder(s) and primary business activities are submitted. The time frame for incorporation (for local directors) is within one day. With foreign Directors on board, the incorporation process can take a little longer.

Incorporation forms such as Form 45 and Form 49 are also completed for the secretarial records to show that all the company’s officers agree to their responsibilities and terms of appointment. This paperwork is not required by ACRA, but most companies prefer to have hard copies of agreements for the purpose of transparency. A hard copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, notarised by an ACRA officer, can be ordered from ACRA, if required.

How do I register a business?
For a business, you are required to register with ACRA under the Business Registration Act. You must choose your business name and submit an Application for Approval for a Business Name and Application to Register a Business Firm. A registration fee of $65.00 is payable. Upon registration an email notification will be issued to you which is valid for one year and renewable annually at S$ 20.00.
Are there any restrictions on company names?
Yes, certain names including references to Government bodies and professional bodies will need justification. A name cannot be registered if it is the same (or sometimes, very similar) as an existing company – unless a successful appeal is made to ACRA.
How long does it take to incorporate a private limited company?
At Acclime Singapore, we can incorporate your company within a day, once we receive all signed documents.
Are licences required?
Yes, for certain specified groups; for example banking, insurance, financial services, consumer credit-related services, education, and employment and maid agencies.
What is a foreign company?
A foreign company or branch is a company that is registered in Singapore with its head office outside Singapore.
Can I start a branch of a foreign company in Singapore?
Yes. Such a branch is also registered under the Singapore Companies Act. The following documents will be required together with the application fee:
  • A certified copy of the foreign company’s Certificate of Incorporation or registration document
  • A certified copy of the foreign company’s charter, statue, constitution or memorandum or articles of association
  • A memorandum of appointment or power of attorney appointing 2 or more locally resident persons
  • A form by the foreign company giving the particulars of the directors at the time of registration
  • Notice of Situation of Registered Office and of Office Hours at time of Incorporation
  • Statutory Declaration by Agent of Foreign Company
What is the minimum and maximum number of directors permitted?

A company must have a minimum of one director and if there is only one director, he must be a local Resident Director (i.e., he must either be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a person holding an Employment Pass).

We can make arrangements for a resident director if you require this service. A deposit and letter of indemnity are required. There is no limitation on the number of Directors on board.

Are there any residential or nationality requirements or professional qualifications for directors?
No, there are no general requirements of residence or qualification (although one of the Directors must be a local resident Director.) Undischarged bankrupts or persons subject to disqualification under the Companies Act Cap 50 cannot act as Director.
What is the minimum issued/paid up capital?
$1 per shareholder (congruent with currency of paid up capital). The indicated issued share capital must be paid up immediately upon commencement of business transactions.
What is the permitted currency of share capital?
Any currency is permitted, although the Singapore Dollar is the preferred currency of choice and convenience.
Are registered or bearer shares allowed?
Private limited companies can only have registered shares. Bearer shares are not allowed.
What is the minimum number of shareholders?
One. The shareholder(s) can be a corporate body or an individual.
What is a shareholder agreement?

A shareholder agreement sets out the understanding of the parties as to how the company is to be managed by the shareholders and those responsible for the day-to-day management. The objective of a shareholder agreement is to ensure smooth business operation and to supplement the articles of association and the companies act.

Regardless of how complex a business entity is, a shareholder agreement should contain the most basic terms such as management of company, activities and use of assets of the company, raising finances, loyalty and confidentiality, return of investment, valuation method, and exit route.

What documents must be maintained at the registered office?
  • Certificate of Incorporation & Common Seal
  • Statutory books & Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • egister of Members
  • Accounting Records, however, directors can decide to keep documents at a different place, the location of which must be agreed by way of Directors resolution and lodged with ACRA. We can provide this service.
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