BPR services for shipping companies in Singapore.

Acclime specialises in business process reegineering (BPR) and improvement services to maritime companies with a primary focus on accounting (accounts payable, accounts received, payment transactions), general administration & procurement (order to pay) processes.

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your process improvements.

We focus on analysing and streamlining your process steps with the goal of increasing the productivity and efficiency of the whole process flow. We then implement our recommended changes in terms of process, organization and system for greater quality improvement and cost saving.

Expert analysis

Our processes team is highly experienced in capture the base-line KPIs, mapping and analyzing the AS-IS process and then identify inefficiencies to create a more efficient system.

Custom solutions

After detailed analysis, Acclime’s processing wizards design your TO-BE process with recommendations for optimised systems for your business needs going forward.

Careful implementation

We implement the reengineered process in its entirety and monitor performance with reliable measurements to ensure quality and cost-benefit. Our findings are regularly and accurately reported to you.

Complete BPR services for the maritime industry

Increase productivity & ensure best practice.

Acclime provides business process improvement (BPR) services to maritime companies with a primary focus on accounting (AP, AR, payment transactions), general administration & procurement (order to pay) processes. We always go by the same approach: Simplify – Centralise – Automate

  • Business process reengineering (BPR)

    During our BPR projects we focus on analysing and streamlining your process steps with the goal to increase the productivity and efficiency of the whole process flow. We then implement our recommended changes in terms of process, organisation and system and we measure the benefits generated in term of quality improvement and cost saving.

    Module 1: Analysis

    • Capture base-line KPIs
    • Map and analyse AS-IS process
    • Identify inefficiencies

    Module 2: Solution

    • Design TO-BE process
    • Provide recommendations

    Module 3: Implementation

    • Implementation reengineered process
    • Monitor and measure performance

    Benefits of BPR

    • Increase of productivity
    • Cost saving
    • Industry best practice
    • Consistency and standardisation
    • Improved internal control
    • Implementation of KPIs
  • Shared service centre implementation

    Acclime helps companies that choose to centralize some of their processes within a shared service centre.

    Insourcing: BOT Project
    The 3 stages of a BOT project are:

    • Build: Set up the facility, infrastructure and processes, recruit staff and establish knowledge transfer
    • Operate: Manage the offshore organization: process maintenance, enhancements and support
    • Transfer: Register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets and handover operations

    What processes we can insource for you

    • Accounts Payable
    • Port disbursement
    • Employee expense claims
    • Purchase orders
    • Administration supplier payments
    • Ship damage claims
    • Crew accounting


    Benefits of shared service centre

    • Save costs and increase efficiency (economy of scale) leading to higher shareholder value
    • Eliminate redundant work
    • Increase your productivity through process improvement
    • Improve service quality
    • Implement consistency, standardization and best practices throughout your processes
    • Install or reinstall adequate internal/compliance control
    • Remove unnecessary assets from your balance sheet
    • Free up resources for your core activities
  • Accounts payable automation tools

    Recent research by Aberdeen Group showed that more than 50% of organisations agree that accounts payable (AP) is strategic. Maritime companies start to recognise the value of automating AP and are willing to invest in specialised automation tools such as document digitalisation, document management and documents workflow. Acclime proposes and implements complete AP automation solutions.

    Acclime’s solutions include

    • A document scanning system for all invoices into a cloud database system
    • An invoice processing – both with and without purchase order
    • An approval process for invoices without purchase order
    • An accounting solution for automated booking and payment


    Benefits of AP automation

    • Lower purchase-to-pay process costs by as much as 40–60%
    • Receive, authorize and process vendor invoices up to 65% faster
    • Realize fast-payment discounts
    • Avoid late and duplicate payments
    • Reduce response time to vendor inquiries
    • Improve cash-flow planning
    • Build up KPIs such as vendor cost and employee performance
    • Enhanced management reporting
    • Monitor employee workloads and identify process bottlenecks

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