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Process agent service
in Singapore.

Appoint Acclime as your process agent to accept services of notices, proceedings or legal documentation for your cross-border financial transactions in Singapore & Hong Kong. As your process agent, we will receive locally-served legal documents on your behalf and ensure they are in the right hands. We can notify you via courier mail, email, WhatsApp or Wechat.

What is a process agent?

A process agent is someone who represents you or your business when performing international transactions or entering into legal agreements in a country where you don’t have a physical presence or a registered address.

They can act in a broad capacity, including acting as a process agent for court actions, receiving documents in connection with arbitration proceedings and receiving notices under contracts where an independent party is needed, and their appointment is highly recommended when dealing with suppliers, banks or lenders in foreign countries.

An example of a situation involving a process agent is taking a loan by a foreign entity in a country with no presence. The lending institution will require the foreign entity to appoint a process agent who will receive the court proceedings in the case that the entity defaults on the loan.

Service scope of a process agent:

  • Provision of registered address and mail redirection services
  • Facilitation of documents for notarization and legalisation
  • Service of documents relating to contracts, transaction documentation, ISDA agreements, structured finance documentation
  • Deals with notices on behalf of overseas companies with or without a branch registered in the country

Benefits of appointing a process agent.

Avoid complications

If one of the parties did not have a physical presence or address in the jurisdiction where the transaction is taking place, serving legal documents could be a painstaking and excessively complicated process. A knowledgeable process agent can help you avoid this.

Immediate notice of receipt

Likewise, a good process agent will understand the urgency and steps that must be taken upon receipt of such proceedings. They will provide immediate notice of receipt of any legal proceeding in accordance with the terms of the agreements.

Confidence for all parties

Appointing a process agent will give all the involved parties in the transaction confidence that there won’t be a mishandled legal proceeding resulting in a default judgement.

Why choose Acclime as your process agent.

Trusted by law firms, banks and financial institutions

We have a successful track record of acting as a process agent for litigations and the court proceeding and have experience in dealing with APLMA agreements, ISDA master agreement, shareholder agreements, joint venture and equity investments, financing and leasing agreements.

Guaranteed 24-hour onboarding process

With our expedited online onboarding process, you will receive the same-day acknowledgement (upon upfront payment of fees). There will be only one master service agreement, no matter how many ancillary agreements.

A single coordinated team in Singapore and Hong Kong

Acting as your Hong Kong and Singapore process agent, Acclime is a reliable point of call for all cross-border transactions within these twojurisdictions.

Our simple and transparent fees.

We have transparent pricing without any hidden charges. Our prices are based on the number of transactions and you can get discounts for connected parties in a transaction.
  • Duration of AppointmentNumber of related documents concerned in transaction*
    1 – 34 – 67-10
    Up to 1 yearS$ 700S$ 900S$ 1,100
    1 – 2 yearsS$ 900S$ 1,100S$ 1,300
    2 – 3 yearsS$ 1,100S$ 1,300S$ 1,500
    3 – 4 yearsS$ 1,300S$ 1,500S$ 1,700
    4 – 5 yearsS$ 1,500S$ 1,700S$ 1,900
    5 – 6 yearsS$ 1,700S$ 1,900S$ 2,100
  • Duration of AppointmentNumber of related documents concerned in transaction*
    1 – 34 – 67-10
    Up to 1 yearHK$ 5,500HK$ 5,500HK$ 6,000
    1 – 2 yearsHK$ 5,500HK$ 6,000HK$ 6,500
    2 – 3 yearsHK$ 6,000HK$ 6,500HK$ 7,000
    3 – 4 yearsHK$ 6,500HK$ 7,000HK$ 7,500
    4 – 5 yearsHK$ 7,000HK$ 7,500HK$ 8,000
    5 – 6 yearsHK$ 7,500HK$ 8,000HK$ 8,500
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